ETCETERAL / Ming(R)a Noise

Ming(R)a Noise: Etceteral (SLO)

04. Mai 2023 Einlass ab 19:30 Uhr

Ort : Bellevue di Monaco, Müllerstraße 4-6

Konzert – Musik;

© Design: Nils Nebe / Foto: Žiga Palčar

Ab 19:30 Uhr Einlass

Etceteral (SLO)

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Etceteral (SLO) @ Bellevue di Monaco
Einlass: 19:30h, Start: 20:00h
VVK: 10€, AK: 15€

Etceteral are a Slovenian experimental trio (saxophone & electronics, drums, visuals) who create a propulsive, polyrhythmic futurist jazz. It is a sound marked by abstract modular explorations, hypnotic drumming, ricocheted horn textures and crystalline production. Interzones between Dub, Krautrock, Afro-rhythms, free improvisation and quantized electronic music are brightly lit on this thrilling album.

Media quotes:
„Slovenian future-jazz-tronicatrio’s quixotic second album… makes for intriguing listening, as the trio’s playing doesn’t settle for too long into anything overly comfortable. There’s a prickliness to tracks like “Rome Burns“: even when they fall into a propulsive groove, with Radiophonic Workshop glitches orbiting the drummer’s relentless drive, something will start to gnaw at the music’s spine, or try to topple the construction.” 7/10 UNCUT

“From Slovenia, an irresistible splurge of jazz sax, krautrock grooves and heavy modular doom that should excite fans of Bent Arcana, Holden/Zimpel and The Comet is Coming.” Uncut

“… the whole sound operates in another idiom entirely beyond borders…” *** Marlbank

“The rhythms often driven, progressive and on occasion buoyant or bobbing, make this a most unique sort of an electronic dance album, despite its avant-garde, free and cosmic jazz foundations.” Monolith Cocktail

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