PUTAN CLUB / Ming(R)a Noise

Ming(R)a Noise: Putan Club (IT/FR), Foto © Dax

26. Mai 2023 Einlass ab 18:00 Uhr
Ort : Bellevue di Monaco, Müllerstraße 4-6, Bolzplatz OPEN AIR
Konzert – Musik;

© Carlo Mazzotta

Ab 18:00 Uhr Einlass

Putan Club (FR/IT)

#Ming(R)a Noise

BalkanoDrom Show; Konzert; 

balkaNet e.V. presents:

26/05/23 Einlass: 18:00, Start: 19:00
@Bellevue di Monaco

Eintrittspreis wird noch bekannt gegeben!

„…Every Putan Club gig is a kick in the face of modern music and its industry. …They are defiant not because it’s cool to do so, but because that is what they are at their core : non-conformists… Insubordination : that is Putan Club…“ MUSIC & RIOTS MAGAZINE (UK)
A duo from Italy and France, based between Agrigento and Dakar. Voices, guitars, bass, drums & computer.
The PUTAN CLUB declines feminism, electricity, electronics & savagery – as if Skrillex violated the Birthday Party: groove and high tension. Trance, Dance and Challenge.
The PUTAN CLUB does not belong to any church (rock, techno, jazz, avant, punk, world or what-the-fuck-ever) but claims the right to be all that, even more. And proved it, from Laâyoune to Beijing. Finally, the PUTAN CLUB collaborates regularly with other demons such as Lydia Lunch, Eugene S. Robinson or Denis Lavant.

With an average of more than 180 concerts a year, over 2000 concerts since its creation, regularly on Tour in Europe, China, Turkey, Africa and Central Asia as well as part of numerous festivals as Bazant Pohoda ( SK), Tomorrow Fest (Shenzhen, RPC), Milhões ( PT), Croisements festival (Beijing, RPC), Amplifest (PT), the PUTAN CLUB is iconoclastic, violent, groovy and and resolutely feminist-revolutionary.

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